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Music Memory Review contains Accelerated Listener, which asks review questions about the music, and Notedrop, which is a music identification game.  $40.  Requires Free Hyperstudio Player.  For both Win and Mac.

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Accelerated Listener: This section is a computerized version of
the review questions provided in UIL Music Memory Bulletin. 

On the menu page there is a Study Themes button in the bottom right

themes question card In the Study Themes section one will find a list of all the music memory pieces. The buttons with the titles on them will play the main theme. The smaller button next to the titles will play a secondary melody.
These can be used for drill on melody recognition, testing, and for review games in the classroom. The length of the selection can be shortened by pressing the Stop All Sounds button.


Notedrop: The Notedrop section is review games; regular Notedrop and composer Notedrop. The player
listens to and identifies the selection by dragging the pink note onto the picture of the correct music memory
piece or composer. The pieces play in a random order so the sequence will be different each time the game is


composer notedrop