AOL users:  If the page
comes up with few pictures and
lots of white boxes with red x's,
click on the "reload" button on
your tool bar.  The first time you
use this site the graphics may
take a while to load, but they will
load faster next time.
Windows users and
Midi:  The windows mplayer
is a good and easy way to play
midi files.  You may need to
configure your browser,
Netscape or Explorer, to use
the mplayer to play midi files.
Netscape midi configuration:
Open Netscape and click on EDIT, then PREFERENCES.  Click on the plus sign
by Navigator, then on Applications. (see below)
Click on the "new type" button on the top right.  The box below should appear.
Fill in the "new type boxes like
the picture here.
You can also "browse" for your
player by clicking the browse
button and finding the mplayer
like the picture below.
Click OK all the
way out of the
preferences of
You're finished!
Netscape will
start up a new
box for every
midi file you
play.  Don't
forget to close
out these extra
 It will
really slow down
your machine if
you don't.
Before you try any of these
suggestions, go back to the
student page and try one of the
midi play-alongs.  If it works, don't
do anything!  Most computers
today do all of this automatically!
Mac users can
get information on
using midi files at:
ABC's of using
midi files on the
To get full benifit from this site it is
best to print out the student
booklet for students or the
teaching materials for instructors.
You will need the Adobe Acrobat
to do this.  It is a free
download and well worth the effort.
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